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Among other things, Vintech enters into transactions with approved counter-parties for the purchase and sale of crypto-assets on a proprietary, principal to principal basis. By contacting Vintech, you are expressing a potential interest in learning more about Vintech and/or entering into such transactions as a counter-party to Vintech, acting solely as principal, on a proprietary basis for your own account. By viewing this Website and the Content, or providing contact information to Vintech, you understand that Vintech has not approved you as a counter-party and is not agreeing to enter into any specific transactions. You will need to be approved as a counter-party prior to entering into any such transactions, each of which will be subject to individual negotiation and agreement. In addition, by allowing you to view this Website and the Content, and by entering into any transactions with you, Vintech is not creating either an express or implied customer or other relationship, affiliation or association between you and Vintech. You also agree that nothing on this Website constitutes or may be construed as an offer to enter into a specific transaction, and you acknowledge and understand that Vintech will not provide any advisory services or assume any fiduciary or other similar obligation with respect to you or any other counter-party or any transaction entered into between Vintech and you or another counter-party. Vintech will serve solely as your counter-party with respect to any such transactions and you will be solely responsible for all of your transaction decisions and for the evaluation of all risks related to such transactions. This Website and the content are directed at and made available solely to persons and entities in jurisdictions in which the purchase and sale of cryptoassets is not legally prohibited.

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